My name is Mariko Kobayashi. I am a multilingual (English, Japanese, Arabic and Spanish) Japanese who is an entrepreneur, founder, director and Educational/Engagement Nanny of Sewayaki Mariko. I grew up in Tokyo, Japan. I have been based in London since September, 2017.

I also work as a Japanese-language consultant at King’s College London’s spin-out OSINT (Open Source Intelligence Collection) consultancy to carry out open source research in support of its non-proliferation research projects and also regularly work for a Japanese venture company that requires my translations support and consulting service.

Sewayaki Mariko is inspired by Japanese culture and Japanese education of discipline and manners. From receiving education at an international-oriented high school in Tokyo until the present moment establishing Sewayaki Mariko in London, I have lived, studied and worked internationally in various cities of the world including Cairo (Egypt), Leiden (The Netherlands), my hometown of Tokyo (Japan) and currently London. Before relocating to London, I held a full-time professional position at a US government organization in Tokyo, Japan, while working on a part-time basis as an English-speaking nanny and educator serving 0-12 years old children of Japanese and expat families in Tokyo.

I have been learning about different cultures and languages since I was a child. I have always loved London because I felt very comfortable and welcomed on each visit. The opportunity to move to London came when I was accepted into the Masters Program in Social Anthropology at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). 

Not only have I practiced my own educational nanny methods with expat families (Japanese, American, European nationals etc.) and local British families, but also I have networked with them in London for the past three years. Throughout this process, I have identified that there is a strong demand for high-quality Educational Nannies among the pre-preparatory school families and expat families in London. Sewayaki Mariko is the start-up created to serve this niche and the market research pilot study has proven that this venture can support these families’ unique educational interests.

I wanted to practice Japanese educational methods to meet current demands of my clients in London. For example, many of my clients have wanted to invest in preparing their children for the 7 Plus exam, practicing their English as an Additional Language, or receiving my help to become global-minded citizens. When I identified their needs in 2008, I applied for a business competition at LSE where the top business ideas are selected to be sponsored for the scheme of Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa application. Subsequently, my business idea of educational nanny services for pre-preparatory school families and expat families in London was selected by LSE Generate and here I am now- able to run the business and serve the communities who have been waiting for my creative educational nanny methods.

As I begin my entrepreneurial journey, I am very grateful to the many families I have worked with in London who have been supporting me. I try my best to support these families and their children in an understanding and compassionate way. By enjoying and listening to their unique educational needs and their journeys as a family, I have focused on filling a gap in the household services sector of the United Kingdom. The most rewarding part of this start-up is the experience and moments I spend interacting with children. I am very grateful for the feedback from my clients and their children, and especially pleased to hear that they are happy with my services.

While it is natural for me to believe that Sewayaki Mariko was born thanks to the great support and encouragement from these special families in London, I must also acknowledge the support I was given from local ethnic communities, particularly the Japanese community and other expat communities in London.

My business started to spread mostly thanks to word of mouth.

I would like to say that I am very grateful that other families who did not know me in the past have read the website about Sewayaki Mariko. I am delighted to get to know these families and many more families in London who are looking for Sewayaki Mariko’s unique educational supports.

Please contact us if you would like Mariko or our staff’s support for your children’s unique educational needs. Thank you very much.


MSc 18′ Social Anthropology, The London School of Economics and Political Science (London, UK) 

MA 11′ Middle East and Islamic Studies, Leiden University (Leiden, The Netherlands) 

BA 08′ Anthropology, The American University in Cairo (Cairo, Egypt) 

Japanese International-Oriented High School Diploma 99′, Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School (Tokyo, Japan)

Currently, Mariko who is director and founder of Sewayaki Mariko, is the only one working as an Educational/Engagement Nanny and Academic Tutor at Sewayaki Mariko.

We will be hiring high-quality Educational/Engagement Nannies/Academic Tutors that suit your family’s needs soon. 

Please stay tuned.

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