Q. What does your company name “Sewayaki Mariko” mean? 

A. The word “Sewayaki (世話焼き)” derives from the Japanese language and means “someone who likes and enjoys taking care of people because that’s what he/she loves to do.” When the founder suggested “Sewayaki Mariko” as the name of the company to her existing Japanese clients, the clients liked the name and found it interesting because it perfectly described the founder’s personality when combined with the founder’s first name. This company name has been received with positive and warm laughter in the Japanese community because of the connotation that the name of the company carries.


Q. What makes the services Sewayaki Mariko offer unprecedented and one of a kind in the market?

A. Please refer to our video section to know about our unique services. 

Q. Do you have insurance to cover for children and Educational Nannies?

A. Yes, we do. Please ask us for more details.

Our Fees

Q. Can you tell me why is your fee for (educational) nannying £25 / per hour? Isn’t that more than the market price of £12 – £15?

A. Sewayaki Mariko emerged out of the requests and demands of the families who send their children to pre-preparatory schools where a lot of them prepare for 7 Plus exams or/and expat families who need an individually-catered English as an Additional Language support. In order for them and children to succeed in 7 Plus exams or learning English language in a fun, interactive and immersive way, Mariko identified that it is important for children to prepare for a very hard 7 Plus exam or/and studying English language in the most possibly fun way. 

We will utilize academic materials that are helpful for the 7 Plus exam anywhere; in the park, on public transportation, in the library and anywhere else. We believe children just need someone to actively engage with them and teach them. 

Mariko then suggests “Education on the Go” which is a learning experience where children can learn while they are playing, on public transportation, at the supermarket or anywhere else to maximize their curiosities on the go. This will be very useful to prepare them for the actual paper-based 7 Plus exam. This is also a stress-free way of learning for children.

Sewayaki Mariko employs people who have at least a Master’s degree. They can engage with children when they are face-to-face and solve questions on paper. In addition, they will also engage academically on the go at pick-up and drop-off, walks in the park, rides on public transportation etc. In providing this support, Sewayaki Mariko guarantees that your childrens’ curiosities are constantly stimulated. It is like having a one-on-one educational tutor.

Sewayaki Mariko believes that having a strong bond between Educational Nanny and child is tantamount. Helping children prepare and succeed academically in the most stress-free environment is the aim of our services. 

Q. What is the difference between what you offer and what other nanny placement agencies offer?

A. Sewayaki Mariko is a childcare employment business. This means that childcare providers are screened, selected and placed at clients’ homes by Sewayaki Mariko. Sewayaki Mariko is responsible to the public for the actions of the childcare providers that we employ. We have a legal responsibility to the childcare providers as the employees of Sewayaki Mariko.

In other words, we have already covered insurance for your child/children and our Educational Nannies. We understand your concern about this. We have you covered.

(A lot of childcare agencies in the UK market are childcare staff placement agencies where the agencies themselves are not responsible for the actions of the childcare providers they place at the clients’ homes. This is because childcare providers have a direct contract with the families they take care of and they are not the employees of the childcare agencies.  This is NOT the case with our company.)

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